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Palestine Solidarity Campaign

A3 Print - Hind's Hall

A3 Print - Hind's Hall

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A3 art print. All proceeds from sales will benefit displaced people in Gaza

About the artist:

Malak Mattar is from the Gaza Strip and grew up under occupation and the military siege. From a family of talented cultural practitioners, Mattar started making art as a teenager during a period of open conflict (Operation Protective Edge, 2014), and she soon began to sell work online and exhibit internationally.

Soon after arriving in the UK, Mattar’s entire world was turned upside down, causing her work to undergo a dramatic shift in style, subject matter and palette. While artist-in-residence at An Effort in Central London (December 2023–February 2024), she documented the genocide in her homeland through a series of mostly monochrome drawings and paintings.

This piece of artwork titled "Hind's Hall" is a tribute to the 5 year old Hind Rajab. 

In the words of the artist:

"The IOF fired 335 bullets on a car fleeing northern Gaza, killing 7 family members. The youngest was Hind Rajab, a five year old Palestinian child. 

Leading medical journal The Lancet states that the overall death toll exceed 186000 Palestinians. If this doesn't enrage, what will?

Never stop protesting. Never stop organising. Never stop fighting for justice."

Product Specification

Large Landscape Art Print - 42 x 29.7 cm (16.5 x 11.6in) (A3) printed on 300gsm 100% recycled paper.

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