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PSC offer you the chance to shop traditional Palestinian crafts, books and merchandise to support our campaigning effort towards the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and peace.

Disappearing Palestine Tea Towel Back in Stock!

This tea towel shows a series of maps depicting ‘disappearing Palestine’ – how Israel has, over the years, encroached on increasingly more land and Palestinians have been forced into a shrinking space.

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Handmade Ceramic Mugs

Hebron Ceramics Mugs

These beautiful hand painted ceramic mugs are made in Hebron, Palestine. Glass production in Hebron is a family trade, the secrets of which have been preserved and passed down by a few Palestinian families who operate the glass factories located just outside the city.

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Olive Wood Crafts

Welcome to Earth and other plays  (with a foreword by Benjamin Zephaniah)

Palestine Book of the Month - Welcome to Earth and other plays

This book contains 30 five minute plays written and performed in English by young people in Palestine - some of the best entries in the Hands up Project’s annual remote theatre competition. As well as the scripts and notes from the teachers about how they were created, they also have a link to the children’s performances.

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