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PSC offer you the chance to shop traditional Palestinian crafts, books and merchandise to support our campaigning effort towards the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice, equality, and peace.

Hope & Play Calendar 2024

For the second year, we're supporting Hope and Play charity, which has provided thousands of Gaza's children with trauma therapy, education, play and love. We know this year, it will be needed more than any before with the atrocities being committed against them and their families.


The 2024 calendar is of Palestinian breakfast recipes. Starting from Palestinian bread, through manakeesh, koris el thom, fattet hummus, they build up to a complete Palestinian breakfast "sufra" - a full traditional and rustic breakfast spread.

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Olive Wood Palestine Map jigsaw puzzle

This olive wood Palestine map jigsaw puzzle is handmade in Bethlehem. The artisans use special carving skills that result in the creation of this beautiful craft. The veining and colour of the olive wood can slightly vary from one map to another making every piece different and unique

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Olive Wood Crafts

Palestine Book of the Month - For a Palestinian

Bilal has always been obsessed with love stories. Here he tells you his favourite: the true story of Palestinian translator Wa'el Zuaiter. Join Bilal as he ventures through the orange groves of Jaffa, Rome's piazzas, and the Duty-Free aisles of Luton Airport, piecing together this untold story, and asking what it means to be a Palestinian in the West.

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Capture your thoughts, ideas, and notes with ease in one of our notebooks. With plenty of room to write, it's the perfect way for you to stay organized..

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