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Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Atlas of Palestine 1917- 1966

Atlas of Palestine 1917- 1966

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This is an enlarged, extended and edited edition of the "Atlas of Palestine 1948", published in 2004.

650 colour pages (24 x 34 cm) containing information on:

  • 1,600 towns and villages.
  • 16,000 land marks.
  • 30,000 place names.
  • 65 tables.
  • 125 illustrative maps, diagrams and photos. 


150 Pages of analysis of the Mandate, Partition Plan, Palestine borders, land ownership, population composition, the 1948 war, al Nakba, Armistice Lines, war crimes, destruction of landscape, disposition and confiscation of Palestinian property, water and agriculture and retransformation of Palestine landscape.

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