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Book - NAKBA, Palestinians' Ongoing Dispossession

Book - NAKBA, Palestinians' Ongoing Dispossession

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The Nakba as seen through lens of Palestinian artist Sandra Watfa.

 A collection of drawings and painting, depicting various aspects of Palestinian dispossession.

 There have been a tsunami of books written on the Palestinian plight: historical, political, sociological etc, artist Sandra Watfa aim was to draw people's attention to the issue of the country’s colonisation and oppression in a relatable way by appealing to the shared emotional impact that art brings to people, rather than laborious essays, rumination, and theorising that can sometimes filter into the Palestine debate: Ultimately, this is about emotions and how they equalise us all. By circumnavigating the Intellect, she hopes to reach people's emotions through the medium of paintings and drawings. 

Mainly using large charcoal drawings, she produced an art book by collating 50 drawings, paintings, and a couple of poems from her collection.

Sandra Watfa,  born in Lebanon, her father is from Akka, and mother from Haifa, her family were exiled in 48, ended up in Lebanon where she was born. The family had to leave Lebanon after 6 months of the civil war in 75, went to Greece for a year then ended up in the UK.

 She was French educated so didn't speak any English when she got here and for that reason, given her background, her activism first took shape at first at Art College.

 She was trained in Fine Arts at City and Guilds of London Art School under Roger De Grey and graduated in 1986.  

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