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Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Toothbrush and other plays (with a foreword by Scott Thornbury)

Toothbrush and other plays (with a foreword by Scott Thornbury)

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This book contains 30 five minute plays written and performed in English by young people in Palestine - some of the best entries in the Hands up Project’s annual remote theatre competition. As well as the scripts and notes from the teachers about how they were created, they also have a link to the children’s performances.

I really enjoyed reading and watching these plays. It was wonderful to see such talent flourishing under such difficult circumstances.
Alexei Sayle, actor, comedian and writer

A kaleidoscope of settings: living room, schoolroom, woodwork room, street, olive grove, border crossing; of emotions: friendship, love, hate, loyalty, jealousy, empathy, fear, terror, resignation, but above all, hope. Each play an insight into young people’s lives in Palestine
Jane Willis, ELT author

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